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At Quinnox, we aim to drive positive change in the business world. Our dedication to create bias–free opportunities has earned us the prestigious Gender Fair certification.

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Quinnox Achieves Gender Fair Certification, Setting New Standards for Diversity and Equity**

[Chicago, IL] — [26th August, 2023] — Quinnox, a leading platform and services company, is proud to announce its recent achievement of Gender Fair certification. This recognition underscores Quinnox’s unwavering commitment to creating a bias-free and equitable workplace that champions diversity and inclusion.

Gender Fair, a globally recognized certification body, has awarded Quinnox with this prestigious certification in acknowledgment of its exceptional efforts in promoting gender equality and fostering a culture of inclusion within the organization.

Gender Fair CEO, Johanna Zeilstra, congratulated “We are thrilled that Quinnox meets the Gender Fair standard. Quinnox stands out in the technology industry for its strong representation of women in leadership.  The company also demonstrates a sincere commitment to improving gender equality by joining the Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement, which will encourage its suppliers and vendors to report on and work towards a more equitable future.”

Quinnox’s Chief Operating Officer, Rekha Raj, expressed the company’s commitment to this critical cause, saying, ” Quinnox proudly stands as a beacon of equality, where every woman’s potential finds its rightful place. As a certified Gender Fair organization, we empower women, ensuring their voices are heard, talents recognized, and aspirations fulfilled within a culture of unwavering support, ensuring equality is not just a goal, but a reality.”

Senior Vice President at Quinnox, Mahesh Krishnamoorthy added, “It feels great to stand out as leaders in the technology industry on our commitment to women leadership and diversity. We are incredibly proud of the values we have as a company and we are thrilled to have this validated by Gender Fair.” 

Quinnox has consistently strived to create a workplace where inclusivity and diversity are integral to its operations. Achieving Gender Fair certification is a significant milestone in their journey to make lasting positive changes in the tech industry.

Gender Fair

**This certification reaffirms Quinnox’s commitment to:

  • Gender Equity: Ensuring that gender disparities are actively addressed, and opportunities are equal for all employees.
  • Inclusive Policies: Implementing policies that foster an equitable environment, from hiring practices to promotions.
  • Employee Empowerment: Supporting and empowering employees to bring their unique perspectives and talents to the table.

With Gender Fair certification in hand, Quinnox looks forward to continuing its efforts to champion diversity and equity not only within the organization but also across the broader tech sector.

About Quinnox:

Quinnox is your agile, business-results-driven digital technology partner. With the power of human and applied intelligence, we simplify business processes, improve customer experiences and create exceptional business value for forward-thinking enterprises. Our data-driven digital solutions unlock the hidden potential of your business across your digital value chain, helping to accelerate success today and tomorrow. We are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with a presence across geographies including UK, Germany, UAE, and India.

About Gender Fair:

Gender Fair informs consumers, employees, and investors which companies are advancing gender equality and encourages support for those companies in the marketplace through its Gender Fair Index. The Gender Fair Index includes data and ratings on thousands of brands from hundreds of publicly traded, consumer companies. This important information, available in a single source, simplifies ethical consumerism so people who care about women and girls can contribute daily to gender equality. Through the Gender Fair App, users can look up brands and see how they fare on the Index. Users can also manually scan product logos or review the top performers by category. If the brand doesn’t score high, the app or extension suggest alternatives. To learn more, visit www.genderfair.com.

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