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Our team of creative thinkers, enterprise architects, technology enthusiasts, and business process analysts are charged to think differently, focusing on alternative solutions, and understanding future trends.

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Quinnox Innovation: Different Thinking that Leads to Real-World Business Results

In the current competitive market, new technologies that disrupt the status quo serve as massive opportunities. The pace at which technology is changing and the introduction of disruptive trends will render many existing solutions archaic. At the same time, it is hard to predict which technology will become disruptive and how quickly it will be adopted. With Quinnox as your partner, you gain access to a deep well of technology and IT innovation that can help you navigate these uncertain times with certainty.

About Quinnox

Innovation @ Quinnox

Innovation has always been a major focal area for Quinnox. Here we believe that innovation is not just ideas or concepts, but it is the successful exploitation and implementation of ideas that are quick to market. Through our IP solutions, tools, frameworks and accelerators, we have helped our customers improve their business and operational efficiencies. Quinnox, with its dedicated team spread across multiple geographies and global delivery model is continuingly focused on bring real-world innovations to market.

About Quinnox

The Quinnox Innovation Think Tank

The Innovation and Solutions Group (ISG) was established to drive innovation, technology leadership, and best practices for Quinnox and its clients. Together with client delivery teams, ISG probes value chains, business and technical issues, creates prototypes and often gets deeply involved in long-term client engagements.

  • Our Innovation Framework

    As part of the ISG charter, Quinnox has introduced the Disruption and Innovation Framework – a structured process to monitor emerging areas, anticipate, analyze and exploit disruptions. The primary goal is to manage changes in the market that benefit Quinnox and its clients.

    Our Innovation Framework

How we extend the Disruption and Innovation | Framework to real-world challenges

A similar process has been implemented for some of our customers to encourage innovation in the areas of automation, process improvement, operational efficiencies and revenue. The example here discusses the Innovation Lab for one of the largest American specialty consumer electronics retailers. The team includes Business SMEs and IT professionals (joint members from Client & Quinnox) who seek ideas from process challenges, business problems or research. The ideas go through a filtering process; the results are rapid prototyped, and subsequently, are converted to proofs of concept (POC). The approved POCs are assigned a budget and move to development. The methodology has brought significant benefits to the customer and in one instance increased sales by 40% and simultaneously saved $2M in expenses.

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