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Using technology and data for better health and longer lives

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The program goals were achieved at 20 percent less cost than estimated, with a 40 percent increase in transactions.


Using technology and data for better health and longer lives

–> Technology has the power to impact the health of peoples lives in so many significant ways, particularly those, that are recovering from major surgeries or health treatments. The CEO of one of American’s most innovative healthcare technology companies came up with a brilliant idea… What if you could create a digital platform that blended all the key elements of an individual’s health and wellness and integrated it with healthcare providers, clinical data and more to promote healthy behavior

This company sought to realize this vision through a platform they dubbed the “Persuasion Engine” an interactive, social and data-driven wellness portal. Partnering with major healthcare systems that would offer this relational health technology platform to their patients, the primary goal would be to impact everyday behavior by creating a highly personalized experience that included their unique health goals, lifestyle attributes, and motivators. A corollary objective was to reduce medical costs.

In building the platform, the company needed flexibility in the development methodology. A low total cost of ownership, scalability, minimal hardware investments and agility were all top priorities.

However, significant challenges awaited this mid-sized team of healthcare innovators as they looked to build the persuasion engine. High Complexity, an aggressive project schedule, minimal staff, legal and financial constraints, and a lack of testing were among the concerns. Adding to the obstacles was the fact that most of the technologies slated for use in the portal were open-source, so the typical documentation and product stability issues would have to be reconciled. As importantly, a lack of business requirement clarity would have to be addressed and remedied.

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