linkedin Understanding Customers - A Key to Digital Transformation

Understanding Customers - a key to Digital Transformation

Harpeet Singh | Digital Practice Head

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“The move toward “digitalization” is often construed as just about the latest technology. In today’s fast-paced world, companies are focused on developing and promoting products with just a click of the mouse. It’s true that moving towards digitization opens a vast ocean of opportunities to reinvent business models so they align with technologies. It’s a trend that evolving businesses must embrace in this fast-moving and competitive digital economy. As complex as digitalization can be, one of the foundational keys to successful digital transformation is very simple – understanding customers.

The ability to leverage IT resources and technologies to provide a consistent omni-channel customer experience, improve engagement, boost operational efficiencies, maximize cost benefits, and deploy innovative solutions must include a priority on understanding the customer.

And, as important as all that is, for companies that compete with other companies with similar products and services, understanding the customer experience can differentiate your enterprise, giving you a competitive edge. For companies that are struggling against their competition, experiencing revenue pressures as they strive to grow and innovate, a technology-based strategy to help you better understand your customer can be a decisive turning point toward success.
To gain an edge, forward-thinking companies should focus on the customer experience and leverage actionable data on:

  • What makes customers happy?
  • What leads to customer dissatisfaction?
  • Why customer behave as they do?

So what is the best strategy to gain this insight? There is no single method to achieve all the above. Different companies are trying multiple methods, including building online community blogs and forums, analyzing customer purchase data, using gamification sales apps to capture customer feedback, or even leveraging data from wearable technologies – like Fitbit or Nike Band – to understand motivations and behaviors.

At Quinnox, our Digital Transformation Team specializes in an approach that includes a broad array of strategies and technologies for understanding the customer experience. For example, this team recently embraced a consulting journey for a major consumer durable goods company based in India (revenue $318M) that offers products for household and institutional use. The goal was to develop a mobile app for the on-field sales team.

As our team began an extensive phase of workshops with various stakeholders to study and analyze their business challenges and requirements, it became evident that the technology had to be engineered with tools that would help the company better understand the customer. With a sales strategy that hinged on door-to-door sales, this company needed mobile technology that not only captured the logistical necessitates – location of sales members, lead conversion visibility, contact information, collaboration tools and more – but also helped them to identify negative customer feedback, track sentiment, and understand behaviors.

Quinnox proposed a Mobile Eco-System that could be a one-stop solution for their sales team to manage their cold knocks, demos, orders, and other activities on any mobile device. Some of the scenarios as shown in the following visual were gamified.

With this new digital transformation technology, there were many objectives met. Key among them was captured customer sentiments that provided insightful business intelligence, which helped ensure effective and efficient decision-making to move the business forward. Integrated end customer data to CRM was now possible, which also provided actionable data based on existing customers’ purchase preferences.
Bottom line, besides the 360 degree view of sales operations, as well as improved productivity and lead generation and conversion, this digital solution helped enhance customer engagement, service and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.
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