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Quinnox helps in the successful and seamless rollout and support for SAP, Non SAP, Microsoft and homegrown supply chain applications for 9 plants and 70 distribution centers.


Client had an aggressive strategy for growth by acquiring business in the distribution & logistics domain. As part of that strategy, they acquired the bottling and distribution rights for one of the biggest beverage companies in the world in the mid-west region.


Quinnox supported the company pre and post-acquisition and has emerged as a Subject Matter Expert of the SAP technology landscape that enables their core business operations around sales landscape that supports their core business operations like sales, distribution, and other enabling functions like HR, Finance, etc.

Client wanted Quinnox to support their SAP, Non SAP, Microsoft, and homegrown solutions in product supply, warehousing, and distribution for newly acquired markets while ensuring business as usual for existing markets. Quinnox was responsible not just for application support & enhancement but also played a major part in client’s change management activities including training of their business users for the applications in the business areas listed below:

  • Sales Order management/Spring
  • Distribution planning (LEO)
  • Warehouse
  • Delivery
  • Equipment Services
  • Distribution planning
  • (Merchandising & Cyclical visits)

Some challenges & issues that the client needed help with


Visit plan, delivery plan, and load process causing order rejections due to wrong delivery schedule

  • Go-live issue, missing users
  • Changes were not reflected
  • Managers not able to see the team members after the re-route

Distribution planning (LEO)

  • RFC connectivity issue, planners were not able to create shipments for a particular location.
  • Costing the business vastly on both money and time

Warehouse: Orders were being rejected by stores due to no prior communication (ASN – Advanced Shipment Notification) between the store and the warehouse and this leads the driver to come back without delivering the order to the customer.

Delivery: Client needed help with managing ID’s, license accounts and master data clean-up for the Movilizer delivery solution

Equipment Services

  • With the existing setup in SAP, there is no way to check a Vending Machine before delivering it to the customer or to identify if there is a problem with vending machine motherboard or with some other parts of VM
  • In Handheld, Users have to upload assets (Serial numbers) one by one in completion of order processing.

Distribution planning (Merchandising & Cyclical visits)

Continuous Business process improvements in the Distribution planning area which are not supported in the applications.

  • Creating a hybrid role of “Complete Growth Representative” by combining “Merchandiser” and “Sales Representative” roles
  • Frequent changes in the approach of Market Development Managers visiting the customers; and Optimization in the process of the visits
  • Prospect visits by the Business Development Managers
  • Closure and Merger of Distribution centers as cost-cutting measures


Quinnox team aligned the IT program with the business strategy and collaborated with customer stakeholders to build a scalable and cost-effective program. Quinnox deployed a hybrid team with the right experience and skillset and adopted the core-flex model to focus on BAU and ramp up activity.

Quinnox provided L1, L2 support to SAP, Non SAP, Microsoft, and homegrown applications and L3 support to vendor’s specific applications. Following are the list of activities handled by Quinnox:

  • Quinnox tested all the functionalities for different applications after rollout. The focus was on user acceptance testing & regression testing
  • Activities performed included bug fixing, small enhancements under support scope, Changes requests (if the effort is more than 40 hours)

  • Change to ‘supported key business solutions like LEO (route planner), Movilizer (handheld delivery management), and Spring mobile (sales management)

  • Involvement in key change management activities like training business users in SAP, handheld applications and made them self-sustaining

  • Enhanced and developed Quick Reference Guides (QRG) for all the processes e.g. Sales order process, instructions

  • Provided hyper care and ongoing support

  • Built SOPs and performed root cause analysis

Sales – Planning & Execution (Spring SFA)

  • Quinnox created a load process for customer visits and delivery plans for the planning team. Also, delivery days were aligned correctly to follow the maintenance activities in the future
  • Quinnox set up a process of pre-validating the data with multiple data set and have the business team validate the hierarchy before loading the user information in the application to avoid login issues
  • Quinnox created a business process with steps to perform in case of changes to visit plans, re-route, or mass changes
  • Quinnox connected with the planning team for EE mapping and the changes they make to the user alignment prior to validation call with the sales team

Warehouse (SAP)

Quinnox did an audit for the warehouse application and implemented an advance shipping notification for customers.

Delivery (Movilizer – an SAP bolt-on solution)

  • Quinnox performed an audit for the application ID’s, license, and remove the redundant data
  • Created a standard process to identify and delete the unused IDs from master data
  • Deactivated the unused IDs

Distribution planning (LEO – an SAP bolt-on solution)

  • Quinnox worked on setting up a process for business & other IT support teams in identifying and resolving RFC issues proactively
  • Reduction of loading and transportation cost and a reduction of our CO2 footprint.
  • Graphical visibility of route and vehicle optimization.
  • Multiple options for calculating plan board – Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic

Equipment Services (SAP)

  • Test DEX for vending machines in MRCs to read data from machines. It helps MRC personnel to figure out any problems with vending machines. Quinnox also implemented the same process to different MRC centers across Great Lakes and RCCB.
  • Quinnox implemented the same process for all their MRC locations
  • Built custom tools & processes for uploading assets

Distribution planning (Merchandising & Cyclical visits)

  • Quinnox supported Microsoft applications in Sales, Distribution Planning & Customer onboarding business areas. Technology: WPF, SQL Server, Angular, Node, Azure
  • Quinnox provided the solutions on time to meet the Business deadlines. For example, CGR role implementation, GreenMile integration, and Distribution center closure/mergers in MerLIN; Improvements in Cyclical visits, prospect visits in Maestro.
  • As part of L3 support, Quinnox implemented multiple process improvements in MerLIN and Maestro applications to reduce the reoccurring issues and to reduce the working time of the business users.

Distribution Planning (Leo)

  • Issue: RFC connectivity issue.
  • Whenever LEO RFC fails, planners will not be able to create shipments for a particular location. As shipments will not go out in time and vehicles will not be optimized, this costs the business vastly on both money and time
  • Resolution: We worked on setting up a process mechanism for Business, Support, and CONA in identifying RFC issues proactively and resolving them.
  • This helped the business immensely as turnaround time in identifying RFC issues and resolving has drastically come down and also fewer issues reported.



  • Successful go-live of 9 production plants; 70+ distribution centers across regions
  • Zero disruption to business as usual
  • Cost-effective deployment leveraging, methodologies, accelerators, and global delivery model
  • Robust future-ready system

Warehouse & Warehouse Automation (Dematic)

  • Dematic provided 100% availability of information to end users saving time
  • Order in interface helped in the better report at the warehouse
  • Business users have a real-time check on users, metrics, and efficiency calculation
  • Saved time and cost for the client as the shipments were in line with no rejection due to proper communication

Distribution planning (Merchandising & Cyclical visits)

  • CGR role implementation helped in business process improvement and cost-cutting measures in RCCB
  • Improvements in Cyclical visits helps in proper tracking of Market Development Managers accountability and improved customer interactions
  • Improvements in Prospect visits improve the new customer accusations

Sales (Spring SFA)

  • Load process reduced manual efforts and eliminate the order rejection
  • Quick process updation helped business in save time for user setup and helped business in planning visits accurately without a miss

Delivery (Movilizer)

  • Saved licensing cost

Equipment Services

  • Saved huge cost to the company to do a validation check before delivering VM to the customer
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