How we put test automation to work for you

With the right partner, testing and QA automation can help you speed to market and reduce operating expenses. Our approach makes business analyst the center point of testing while enabling the functional testers to take complete automation control. The result is the ability to effectively manage complexities of agile testing and achieve quality, cost reduction, and timely delivery.

Our two-pronged approach helps you get the most from test automation:

  • Functional Test Automation: Reduce time and costs with accelerated testing that gets results.
  • Automated Regression Testing: Ensure QA with software, web, mobile applications, web service, API and more, by re-running test scripts to get accurate results. Quickly identify, resolve issues, reconcile discrepancies, and increase your time to market.

Plus, our QTAF platform-agnostic test automation framework helps functional testers, business analysts, and other stakeholders to develop automated tests and the associated testing ecosystem without worrying about the underlying technology or writing any code.

 7 key benefits of Test Automation Services

  • Reduce overhead and operational expenses with easy-to-use automation tools
  • Improve testing quality and gain higher service levels with feedback-driven processes that identify user issues early in the test cycle
  • Shorten test cycles and gain faster time-to-market with a CI/CD, BDD, TDD approach
  • Expedite problem resolution with business-driven development and testing concepts
  • Achieve a higher level of consistency in test coverage with proven and reusable test automation frameworks 
  • Increase coverage with unified testing of web, mobile and native apps
  • Gain time and resource efficiencies and increase user adoption and confidence with component and data-driven automation