Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) – A one-stop shop for your testing needs

Creating a TCoE is like building a test factory, and it’s an essential component to success today. With our industry-leading practices, test methodologies, frameworks, and proprietary testing tools, we can help you create a test factory that can help your organization:

  • Deploy with greater confidence  
  • Reduce the overall costs of a new program or managing a change request
  • Decrease turnaround time in implementing a new program or managing a change request


Why a test factory?

  • Remove barriers of teams working in silos
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas across projects and quickly deploy best practices across teams
  • Reduce effort in implementing solutions and accelerators by avoiding “reinventing the wheel”
  • Capture best practices from all testing teams by establishing a structure and a set of processes
  • Innovate and stay on trend with new ideas
  • Grow capabilities by identifying training needs and facilitating programs for testing teams
  • Drive quality across projects and drive the high-priority goals of your larger organizations
  • Provide guidance and support for ongoing projects


8 key benefits of Testing Centre of Excellence

  • Increase testing efficiency
  • Boost test coverage
  • Perform exploratory testing with increased bandwidth availability
  • Detect defects early
  • Reduce solution delivery time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Enable effective governance at every program stage
  • Reduce test cycle time and execution costs with accelerated test automation