Quinnox Test Automation Framework (QTAF) - a script-less framework developed for automating web- and mobile-based applications

The key to successful QA in DevOps is velocity. With QTAF, the entire project team is equipped with automation skills, so that you can churn out automated scripts at a much faster pace. More importantly, functional team members writing automated scripts also ensure there is minimal loss in functional coverage, thus helping QA accelerate velocity in DevOps.

QTAF addresses two key testing needs. First, very few existing solutions can be easily used by manual testing teams for developing automation scripts. Second, there is a huge dependency on automation testers, which leads to increased cost. With QTAF, you resolve both these challenges easily.

QTAF supports:

  • WebApps
  • Mobile
  • API
  • Thick clients
  • Database
  • Big data


3 key benefits of the QTAF framework

  • Reduce turnaround by allowing manual testers to develop and maintain automation scripts easily
  • Prevents leakage by increasing your automation team’s understanding of application scripts written by manual testers
  • Reduce the time required for script development and execution by allowing remote and parallel executions