Digital & Emerging Technology Testing for a rapidly changing world

Today’s digital era is rapidly evolving with high customer expectations. Everything needs to be instant, accessible everywhere, seamless, and best-in-class. Even small defects can spell doom, so quality assurance is a must. It’s a highly demanding climate that requires a new approach to software development and testing.

We offer a full spectrum of digital testing services to meet today’s needs. Our solutions integrate best practices and span across Agile, Iterative and Waterfall methodologies. Testing offerings include mobile, omnichannel, big data, analytics, IoT, service virtualization, microservices, API, modernization, and migration. Our technology breadth extends from mainframes to microservices.

Test Environment Management: Rely on us to assist with build and release management, test data configuration, masking and management, service automation, virtualization, and test environment monitoring

Integration Testing: Using end-to-end process validation across multiple integration points and channels, we can perform data validation for structured and unstructured data. Benefit from our data reconciliation framework too.

Automation & Continuous Testing: We’ll use a blend of client-side, DevOps, and automation frameworks to achieve specific testing goals. Service virtualization for end-to-end testing of business processes and web analytics to measure user engagement and business metrics are also part of the mix.

User Experience & Omnichannel Testing: User experience, cross-browser, and cross-platform testing are deployed to ensure a positive end-to-end customer journey. Ensure QA with device labs for simulation, emulation and complete coverage.

Performance, Load, & Security Testing: Satisfy cross-channel performance with our testing QA services and more. We help profile applications on native devices and certify for app security and compliance (OWASP, PCI-DSS). Accessibility, usability, and navigation testing ensures customer satisfaction.