Overcome the cost barrier and self-fund your digital transformation

Leverage Quinnox SAP SELF to drive self-funded transformation to enable new and emerging business models, helping you compete in a fast-changing, digitally-disruptive world.

Today, we are in the age of post-modern ERP and digitization. Business leaders no longer see value in ERPs like SAP as a pure technology enabler.

  • They want to see more ROI from systems like SAP!
  • They want it to enable newer business models!!
  • They want to see it as the change agent enabling success in this dynamic environment!!!

Hence, there is a need for IT leaders to continuously invest in their SAP systems to enable these transformational capabilities. However most IT leaders struggle in mobilizing the required funds…this is where Quinnox SAP-SELF program can help!

What Quinnox SAP SELF can do for your business

Quinnox SAP SELF is a suite of offerings designed to help enterprises achieve the highest level of business transformation without the high associated costs. SAP SELF fully unlocks the true potential of disruptive innovations through a self-funding cost basis. This moves the needle from SAP being simply a technology enabler, to a much more powerful business enabler.

With SAP SELF, your business can:

  • Navigate today’s fast-paced business disruption more cost-effectively
  • Overcome the cost barrier through a self-funding transformation approach
  • Leverage new business models and digital technologies that can help you accelerate growth
  • Reduce your overall costs of SAP services significantly
Overcome the financial roadblocks that keep your business driving forward

Today, businesses and industries are changing faster than ever. New business cycles come faster, with more volatility than ever. Digital transformation is now the norm, but many enterprises don’t have the budget to fund essential innovations and business models that can fuel an onward and upward trajectory – cloud, AI, predictive analytics, and more.
Enterprises today have three paths to navigate with SAP:

  • Continue as is – use SAP as a technology enabler with a flat ROI over time
  • Keep the light on and optimize SAP and experience slight or moderate growth
  • Transform SAP with a self-funded approach that leverages savings to fuel a true business transformation, speed growth, and accelerate ROI

Which path do you want your business to take?

The path to transformation starts with optimizing your SAP landscape. By reinvesting your cost and time savings into enterprise innovation initiatives, you’ll accelerate growth and creates roadmaps for change infused with new ideas. The result is an open path to organizational transformation. It’s a path that maximizes the digital economy, giving your organization the power through self-funding to adopt disruptive technologies and develop new business models.

How much can you reinvest into your digital transformation? Find out now.

Answer just a few questions about your SAP usage and environment and we’ll calculate how many dollars can go towards self-funding your digital transformation using Quinnox SAP SELF.

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