SAP Custom Development

Quinnox helps you build your any complex application that address your business requirement. We make your concept a reality.

Fast-track your ABAP development

Through many real-world SAP ABAP engagements, we’ve developed a set of tools and accelerators that can fast-track your custom business application programming development.

Quinnox offers ABAP development and consulting from our offshore ABAP factory. We use quality standards to deliver high-quality solutions consistently. With an offshore factory model, your enterprise benefits from:

  • The right blend of techno-functional resources and domain experts
  • A deep knowledge repository, plus templates and reusable components
  • Readily deployable code libraries
  • Effective resource management Efficient and faster models to support multiple applications
  • Cost-effective resourcing due to factory approach
  • Significantly lower cost services

ABAP enablers that give you the power to perform

Our real-world experience in developing SAP ABAP solutions for a variety of enterprise in many major industries is reflected in our ABAP toolkit – a set of proven technologies that can fast-track your custom business application programming development.

Our knowledge acquisition and management framework

The Quinnox knowledge management process is a comprehensive repository designed based on the ITIL guidelines. This framework ensures effective knowledge capture and retention, and can help you mine data to analyze any information related to the development projects. The knowledge base includes:

  • The right blend of techno-functional resources and domain experts
  • Templates and checklists
  • Best practices
  • Reusable code
  • Tips and tricks
  • Lessons learned
  • Unique problems faced across projects and proposed solutions
  • Documentation on using Quinnox proprietary tools
  • White papers and case studies
  • Quality control guidelines

SAP Mobility - Gain a mobile advantage

Our SAP Mobility services can help your enterprise gain a competitive advantage with custom solutions that address your unique and mission-critical requirements, no matter how complex or challenging.

Looking for an ideal way for your enterprise to get started with mobility at a fixed price, fixed scope, and fixed timeline... along with lower implementation costs and accelerated time to value? Quinnox offers an SAP-qualified rapid-deployment solution for mobile apps and infrastructure that provides all that and more.

With wide experience in SAP mobility, as well as other mobile technologies, Quinnox is the partner of choice in the enterprise mobility space. Our mobility solutions streamline implementation, and bring together software, best practices, and services to help boost productivity and improve business performance. The result is an efficient and cost-effective way to provide your on-the-go workforce with instant access to important data.

We help you gain a competitive advantage by building custom solutions to address your unique, mission-critical, and often complex business requirements. Our team will work with your stakeholders to help you build a mobile strategy, then create custom apps designed to achieve your unique objectives, such as:

  • Higher workforce productivity
  • Increased win rates with mobile access to real-time customer data
  • Faster, more informed decisions at the point of action
  • Better, more responsive customer service
  • Accelerated sales cycles
  • More flexible, agile, and accurate forecasting

Maximum Mobility

Quinnox can help fuel your enterprise with people-productivity mobile apps that touch on multiple lines of business, along with a solid and comprehensive mobile platform that allows you to grow your mobile solutions in the future. Our solutions enable users to become mobile and remain productive anywhere, anytime. Our SAP Mobility services include:

  • Defining your unique SAP mobility enterprise strategy and roadmap
  • Implementing SAP pre-packaged mobile solutions like SAP Fiori and SMP 3.0
  • End-to-end mobility services (application development, maintenance, support and testing)
  • Custom-built mobile applications that integrate with SAP
  • Rapid UI prototyping services
  • Mobility solution architecture creation
  • Human factors consultation
  • Mobile device management consultation
SAP Mobility

SAP UX getting complicated?

If you’re experiencing increased complexity of user interfaces in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, we can help. Contact our SAP UX specialists today.

As enterprises adopt new technology trends, one of the most common challenge that they face is the undesirable increase in the complexity of user interfaces within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Quinnox has expertise across the globe in facilitating the SAP UX transformation journey for leading companies. By leveraging our Fiori UX and UI5 expertise, Quinnox has enabled our customers to build simple and intuitive applications for SAP systems that can be run across platforms and devices. For example, our proprietary UI5 Converter reduces the time on most typical UI5 conversion efforts by 60 percent, and can cut turnaround timelines by as much as 80 percent.

Our SAP UX offerings

We offer services designed to help you transform your user experience. These include proprietary tools and technology to speed your project completion and gain many other benefits.

Highlights of our SAP UX services:

  • Mobile, desktop, on-demand and on premise application development using responsive web design principles
  • Interactive and integrated analytics
  • Extensibility of standard UI5 controls to custom controls
  • Readily available templates for commonly-used business processes
  • Consistent user experience for business applications with a homogeneous experience across devices
  • Intuitive, consolidated, easy to use interface