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Organizations have to bridge gaps between IT, Marketing, Sales, and other business functions to build a true Digital Customer Engagement platform and deliver a seamless customer experience. Salesforce sits at the core of the customer management ecosystem and is often the key differentiator in customer acquisition and strategic customer experience.


Quinnox – A Market Leader in Salesforce Solutions


Why do enterprises need CRM?

Retail Enterprises

  • Need insights into customer purchase history, preferences, and demographics
  • Perform customer and prospect analysis to better serve customers
  • Provide effective personalized services to their customers
  • Target promotional campaigns to better aim marketing efforts
  • Establish brand loyalty via effective customer centric strategy
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Apply analytics to support customer segmentation, acquisition, product recommendation, and strategy
  • Understand buying patterns to Improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Manufacturing Companies

  • Better forecasting for production
  • Mobile access to ERP systems
  • Gather data from various sources to supplement process improvement efforts
  • Simplify and optimize supply chain operations
  • Enrich customer relationships with personalized service
  • Track warranty, repair and service issues to improve service calls and increase sales.
  • Reduce time required to develop a product by improving supply and demand forecasting.
  • Real-time quality control, data gathering, data analytics, error processing


How can Quinnox help you?

Salesforce – Quinnox solution for your CRM needs

With deep industry knowledge, delivery capabilities and technical expertise, Quinnox helps you achieve maximum business value with Salesforce as your CRM.

Salesforce Services

Quinnox offers Salesforce services across the entire spectrum of Salesforce offerings such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

Benefits of salesforce for non-financial enterprises


  • Customer Assistance at any point in the shopper journey, from product research to purchase return, a shopper may need assistance from a care agent.
  • Seamless service experiences can be provided through — both traditional and digital channels.
  • AI-powered offers keep shoppers happy and accelerate conversations with Einstein Bots.  Service agents have a single view of the shopper and all the insights they need to resolve shopper service inquiries quickly
  • Seamless, smart, and fast shopper service on any channel — all powered by Salesforce.


  • Give manufacturers one centralized, customizable platform to extend their sales, service, and marketing capabilities to their partners.
  • Enable manufacturers to streamline their field service operations, empower technicians to resolve issues on the first visit, and keep customers happy.
  • Help transform the customer buying experience through personalized and intelligent digital commerce experiences.
  • Provide customers real-time visibility into order fulfilment and logistics by integrating your ERP, inventory, and order management systems — and allow them to make changes to orders or easily place reorders.
  • Deliver intelligent field service.
    • Resolve product issues faster than ever with optimized job scheduling.
    • Provide proactive support by triggering alerts based on device data.
    • Increase first-time fix rate to lower your costs and drive more revenue.
  • Accelerate channel management.
    • Ensure partners have the right training to sell and service your products better. 
    • Grow revenue with intelligent automation that pinpoints the best sales leads. 
    • Enable partners to deliver smarter, faster service from phone to field.