M&A done fast

Quinnox M&A solutions are built for speed, because we know the faster the integration, the quicker the results

The ability to capitalize on the potential and opportunities of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) hinges on multiple factors. One of these is the role IT plays in integration. So how does IT positively impact an M&A event? When the evolution of the business has a proven technology integration plan that is well-executed, the new organization can:

  • Maximize value creation, both for customers and stakeholders
  • Minimize costs with elimination of redundancies and streamlined processes
  • Achieve M&A objectives with IT solutions tailored to the reshaped business model

Quinnox mantras for successful M&A

Focus on Speed M&A transactions that integrate systems and processes achieve higher rates of success sooner, which translate into higher returns.
Manage the Risks System controls help maintain regulatory compliance throughout the integration process.
Realize the Value Establish a single view of the business across merged systems.
Maximize the Value Companies with integrated IT systems command money in M&A deals.
Support the Transition Successful integration is driven by change management and critically supported by the IT organization, ensuring adherence to new standard processes.
Governance and Process Gain simplification of governance and processes, and increased performance and profitability.

Our M&A approach

  • Due Diligence
  • Environment Assessment
  • Gap Analysis and Rationalization
  • Propose Integration Roadmap
  • Execute Integration Roadmap