Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

When your systems and software work seamlessly together as one, this type of enterprise applications integration becomes the strong backbone your business needs. Let us show you how to achieve that.

Gartner defines Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) as the unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise. Our EAI services enable seamless unification of robust systems and applications using our mature integration frameworks and methodologies, as well as proven middleware technologies. All that, along with our comprehensive capabilities and extensive cross-industry experience means we have the integration solutions that can help you achieve your business goals.

Quinnox EAI services link various enterprise applications together – supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence applications. This holistic EAP approach is instrumental as we help organizations, like yours, achieve operational excellence, reduce costs, and provide customers with better products and services.

Services for skyrocketing business value

  • Consulting / Advisory Services
  • Product Development
  • Implementation & Migration
  • Product and System upgrades
  • Integration Support
  • Maintenance of Integrated Applications