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Client used multiple CRMs – Salesforce & Siebel – to enter details related to leads. Leads were converted from SFDC to Siebel, post which, any amendment made was made to the data in Siebel, which was then pushed to the Mid American System (MAS).

It was imperative to sync MAS and Salesforce to ensure seamless syncing of customer data. While multiple orders were entered for a single account in SFDC, in MAS multiple orders were entered under multiple subsidiaries for a single account. This affected the account hierarchy, which was a challenge while renewing the contracts.

High costs and high space utilization as the result of duplication of addresses and other details due to the custom object created was another challenge.


  • Implementation of Siebel features in SFDC, making SFDC the one source of truth. Eliminated the need for Siebel, and data from SFDC was directly pushed to MAS.
  • Integrated Salesforce with multiple databases as well apps used by the customer.
  • Made SFDC the content management system, where all content (region specific) was amended, approved on time, and then pushed to AWS 3.


  • Reduced / eliminated the Siebel licensing cost by making Siebel redundant.
  • Reduced space utilization costs (Saved 118.3 GB of cloud data storage by truncating the custom object).
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies by making SFDC the single source of truth and by eliminating most of the manual processes.
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