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Quinnox supports the customer’s initiative to manage 100% of a driver’s day, ensuring an improvement in route plan, resulting in significant cost savings


The leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America, providing services that range from collection and disposal to recycling and renewable energy generation.


Customer needed to partner with a strategic IT partner to support the implementation of one of their core operations’ projects to manage 100% of a driver’s day. The program focused on drivers and/or route Safety, Service, and Savings. The aim of this project was to address and overcome the following challenges:

  • Lack of actionable insight into drivers and route performance. The route managers had visibility to Pre route and Post route
  • Inability to perform “Top-Down” Analysis of organization performance. The reports provided static targets based on historic data/average representation of the route.
  • Lack of visibility and awareness of route confirmation edits to the route managers
  • Mistrust of route execution and performance information due to
    • Inconsistent calculation of operational
    • Post route execution edits made in different systems
  • Duplicate data entry in multiple systems due to redundant route confirmation processes, labor-intensive, manual, and error-prone route confirmation
  • Extensive support and maintenance costs for existing route confirmation systems.


  • Quinnox team analyzed the issues faced by the customer and implemented an AWS cloud, Logixml, and Decision Service based for their Commercial Line of business to provide visibility into every step of the route.
  • Route manager level dashboards provided insight into each route’s various segments including time spent in the yard, travel to customer, disposal time, on property, behavior improvements, and an integrated view with other applications.
  • The dashboards included a district-level dashboard providing safety, service, and savings metrics.
  • Implemented a Beta version and released it to pilot sites to assess feedback from the field and in phases enabled it across the enterprise.
  • Used Kinesis Streams to upload driver assistance events to the cloud, thus helping the route managers extract details related to the daily route serviced and prepare the necessary route.
  • The base application was integrated with Drivecam (for accident information, safety, and driver behavior assessment applications).


  • Expected Cost savings of $18-60 Million with 2-5% improvement in route.
  • Improved performance management conversations and route plans/goals.
  • Increased route manager/dispatch driver understanding of goals.
  • Visibility on operational efficiency at enterprise, area, district, and route manager levels.
  • Continuous improvement through improved district/leadership huddles.
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