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Quinnox MuleSoft support successfully achieves high availability and reduced OPEX for a leading provider of integrated environmental solutions in North America.

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North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental solutions.


The client has embarked on a digital transformation journey, and are facing challenges with the current legacy integration platforms as they pose limitations to deliver that effectively. Client’s existing Integration space has webMethods and other legacy applications as their integration platforms, and wM Trading Networks as B2B provider. Issues included:

  • Complicated legacy or more hops at Integrations and lower-end systems getting replaced.
  • Tight timelines to complete Integrations.
  • Absence of cloud-based solutions and approaches.
  • Client also wanted to start Digital initiatives to look at the Auto Scale of Applications, HA and Micro-services supported ESB platform for more agility and reusability.


  • Quinnox team owned support & development for MuleSoft interfaces across applications and platform with support on a 24 x 7 onsite-offshore, on-call model.
  • Defined governance and communication strategy within the multi-vendor environment.
  • Implemented Splunk dashboard across the MuleSoft platform for preventive maintenance and monitoring.
  • Implemented version upgrade and API release cycles and governance around Performance testing and deployments.
  • MuleSoft Integrations are Greenfield, our build activities/developments of applications are in process.
  • Driver Lead Integration: Parallel Integrations developed by the Quinnox team in MuleSoft and AWS to integrate data from Driver Application to Salesforce (CRM).
  • Assisting their Digital Team with our MuleSoft expertise on other different factors for leveraging operational and Business benefit.


  • Reduced Operational Cost: Reduced turnaround time for enhancements by reusability API approaches.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The customer is expanding on the exploration of Mule ESB capabilities, our expertise to walk along with them will help throughput and value-add.
  • Knowledgebase: Coordinating in Integration Design and Reviews, providing documents and brainstorming where so required.
  • Application Stability: Application availability is at 99.9%.
  • Providing solution base for Common Frameworks and other best in approaches at Mule ESB.
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