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Quinnox migrated the B2B and B2C site that provides Supply Chain and Logistics functionalities to AWS Cloud

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North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental services.


With a truck fleet of 50000+ trucks servicing 30 million Residential, Industrial, Municipal and Commercial customers across North America, customers needed a partner to de-couple various services in existing monolithic applications, which caused multiple challenges in the supply chain and logistics functions. The application was unable to auto-scale, be flexible to changes/updates and run different services independently. Moreover, the operational and maintenance costs were too high.


To address the various challenges faced by the client, Quinnox re-designed and developed the site based on the “Reactive Manifesto” and deployed the same into AWS Infrastructure using various AWS Services. Quinnox analyzed all processes and Infrastructure dependencies in the existing monolithic app. Each business process was then broken down into smaller and simpler services (organized around business capabilities) to be built and deployed as independent Reactive Systems. These Reactive Systems were built on the latest technology stack with React JS, React Redux, Node JS, Dockers, NO SQL, MicroService, RESTFul WebServices,etc and deployed on to AWS Infrastructure which can auto-scale, are flexible to changes and is loosely coupled.


  • Seamless integration which streamlined the flow of key supply chain & logistics functionality.
  • Ensured ease of maintenance.
  • The application was made scalable, highly available and extendible.
  • Augmented resource optimization.
  • Reduced the operational and maintenance cost.
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