linkedin Quinnox helps strengthen the Daily Equipment Inspection process, thus improving customer experience and operational efficiencies. - Quinnox

Quinnox helps strengthen the Daily Equipment Inspection process, thus improving customer experience and operational efficiencies.


The leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America, providing services that range from collection and disposal to recycling and renewable energy generation.


Client required to strengthen the inspection process, improve process adherence and control through reporting capability, and standardize the Equipment Inspection templates.

Some of the key challenges that the client faced include:

  • Fragile and Inefficient paper-based daily equipment inspection process
  • Lack of standard equipment inspection template
  • Tedious and inefficient check-in and check-out process
  • Inefficient communication between operations and maintenance
  • Needed to improve zone and resource management capabilities
  • Manual reporting with hour-meter readings and fluids
  • No rental equipment management


Quinnox deployed a globally distributed team that leveraged Agile methodologies to implement the solution.

Key features of the solution included the following:

  • Enhanced DEI Process through various screens like check-out and check-in
  • Enhanced communication between operations and maintenance through Maintenance Screen
  • Enhanced reporting through canned report and dashboard
  • Standardized and provided a flexible way to create and manage DEI templates
  • Ability to add rental equipment and manage operators through various settings screens
  • The tablet-based solution to inspect the equipment
  • Delivery Model: Globally distributed team using Agile methodology
  • Automated monthly data refresh from backend systems
  • Governance – status reports, notifications for the weekly rollout plan, and authorizations from onsite Business Analyst/Product Owner
  • Onsite support to the client for production rollout


  • Digitized the end-to-end DEI (Daily Equipment Inspection) process
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction by providing mobile features aimed to deepen customer engagement
  • Standardized more than 500 DEI templates
  • Enabled operators to report Pre-Trip defects to maintenance in a real-time
  • Provided visibility of defects to the maintenance teams earlier in the shift
  • Enabled the maintenance teams to schedule work up to 15% faster
  • Increased and enhanced communication between Operations and Maintenance
  • Reporting Capability on DEI completions with more than 85 reports automated
  • Ability to print completed DEIs for use in Quality Control Inspections (QCIs)
  • Ability to capture the hour-meter readings and the fluids used in printable reports
  • Faster delivery through agile-based development methodology
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