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Quinnox Automation Testing Framework (QTAF) saves a global company 518 hours for 36 test cycles in 16 countries

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This client is a direct seller of health, beauty, and home care products in many countries around the world. This company is a global leader in multi-level marketing with reported sales of 8.8 billion.


This client faced an exhaustive and time-consuming regression testing that had to be performed across seven countries, averaging about 35 minutes per country for 16 countries. The repetitive nature of testing resulted in gaps for several modules in some countries, plus most work was manual, resulting in errors. Also, lack of proper documentation on the verification points led to issues at a later stage.

Key objectives and business needs:

  • Execute on aggressive timelines for regression testing in all 16 countries.
  • Automate the manual testing process to eliminate human error.
  • Eliminate testing gaps on modules across all countries.
  • Create proper documentation.


QTAF was the core of a robust solution, providing this global leader with a transformational tool that offered:

  • Easy and fast object recognition.
  • A low learning curve for the manual test team with user-friendly framework keywords and user actions.
  • Parallel execution for running regression cycles on multiple machines.
  • Ability to run during unattended (non-business) hours.

The key features of QTAF are as follows:

  • Uses simple English for script development.
  • Works seamlessly with all web-based technologies from Microsoft, Angular, React, and more.
  • Performs database-level verification.
  • Supports parallel execution.
  • Executes in unattended or batch mode.
  • Features user actions and keywords that are project- and application-agnostic.


  • Total of 518 hours saved in testing time.
  • 36 test cycles
  • Increase in test coverage.
  • Faster turnaround time of regression.
  • Elimination of human error through QTAF automation.
  • Increase in bandwidth availability for exploratory testing.
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