Niche Offerings


Niche Offerings

Intelligence crafted specifically for your plant and on-site operations.

Quinnox can help you maximize the benefits of SAP MII and harness the intelligence stored across plant floor devices, machinery and equipment.With SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) we provide an integration solution that focuses on harnessing intelligence stored across plant floor devices, machinery and equipment. MII is also capable of eliciting facts through graphs, charts and trends for actionable analysis. MII has a built-in KPI framework through which real-time data can be showcased within a full-view dashboard.

Quinnox has often worked on site with several partners to achieve fixed business goals with SAP MII, such as:

  • Decommissioning of a legacy system – resulted in decreased maintenance costs
  • Re-engineering a business process – achieved better handling (less human intervention)
  • Providing architect warehouse solutions (WM and EWM) – gained real-time, seamless integration
  • Consolidating a multiple-point solution – made control and oversight easier and more effective

Our MII services for skyrocketing business value


  • Ideation
  • Approach
  • Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Project Management


  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Estimation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Handover


  • Required Determine
  • Estimation
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Handover


  • Required Determine
  • Estimation
  • Concept Dev
  • Demonstration

Plug unnecessary leaks and financial distress.

When it comes to managing and administering contracts, revenue leakage can be a real issue. Quinnox helps you deploy and optimize SAP Vistex to avoid costly leaks, and make your partner negotiations airtight.
All too often, however, the sheer complexity of managing and administering contracts makes the process prone to revenue leakage. Moreover, establishing a formal audit trail from initiation to payment can be challenging. Organizations can often struggle with manual, unstructured processes and practices to manage contracts and agreements with suppliers, manufacturers, and end customers.This is where SAP Vistex offers a comprehensive compliance solution that enables businesses to effectively monitor and evaluate contract terms based on measurable commitments, including revenue and purchase targets, market share, or non-sales metrics. Quinnox offers SAP Vistex services that help you maximize these advantages.

Benefits of our SAP Vistex solution

Our SAP Vistex experts can help ensure your enterprise formally controls your incentive and contract management processes. Our focus is helping you gain increased visibility, making it easier to meet expectations, avoid last-minute surprises, and maximize the advantages of your IT investment. Other related benefits include:

  • Increased profits, productivity, and adherence to compliance
  • Reduced erroneous payouts
  • Process automation resulting in enhanced program performance
  • Analytical and simulation capabilities to evaluate and maximize recovery, as well as facilitate planning and forecasting

Quinnox SAP Vistex service offerings

Our SAP specialists can help you with all your Vistex needs, including:

  • End-to-end Vistex implementation
  • Consulting
  • Vistex global template build and rollout
  • Integration
  • Post-implementation services
  • Upgrades and custom developments
  • Production support

Improve productivity. Identify new revenue streams and much more with IOT.

We can help your organization develop and execute an IoT strategy that improves productivity, generates new revenue streams, enhances security, and furthers your competitive advantage.

As the number of connected devices is exponentially increasing in the world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a very powerful disruptive force. To stay ahead of the curve, enterprises need to understand the value of IoT, and develop the necessary strategies to keep pace. Quinnox can help you develop a winning strategy and leverage IoT to achieve operational efficiencies and improve customer experiences.

We can help you explore how your devices seamlessly interact with each other to collect, store, and process data so that your organization can:

  • Improve your productivity
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Enhance security
  • Gain other benefit and competitive advantages

IoT helps you transform key aspects of your business.

Our IoT service offerings


  • That can define your business objective
  • Identify IoT use cases
  • Define your IoT roadmap and plan
  • Identify different streams of potential revenue


  • Sensor data analytics
  • Mobile apps development for sensor data
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • Other IoT possibilities

Other IoT possibilities

An example of a Quinnox IoT use case addressed making water purifiers smarter through IoT technology. This involved water purifiers designed with a built-in microcontroller and GSM SIM card, enabling machine data reading and seamless connectivity to the internet and SAP system. This solution improved existing business and operational efficiencies, and strengthened customer loyalty with an enhanced experience and a real-time connection with end-customers. This solution involved crowd sourcing of water quality data, which helped provide recommendations to 3 the company, and were instrumental in improving their products. It also ensured a significant reduction in service cost due to preventive maintenance.

Get the most from your SAP Solution Manager

We offer SAP Solutions Manager (SOLMAN) consulting and implementation service packages focused on helping you gain the most from your mission-critical SAP IT investments.

SAP Solution Manager is the central lifecycle management hub for SAP systems and SAP solutions, whether on-premise or in the cloud. It accelerates innovation, manages application lifecycles, and runs solutions end-to-end… all on ONE integrated business and IT platform. Quinnox supports SAP clients with SOLMAN consulting and implementation service packages, focused and supported by SAP Solution Manager.

Benefits of our SOLMAN offerings:

  • Gain from process-driven blueprinting, configuration, and testing.
  • Help capture business models and requirements with ease.
  • Optimize solution deployment.
  • Automate and customize synchronization across SAP components.
  • Manage incident and troubleshoot issues.
  • Ensure SAP system change consistency – follows the standard process flow and procedures with mandatory controls and documented steps.
  • Reduce risk of correction and project failures.
  • Execute setup of basic change management configuration.
  • Manage information about KPIs, status, history, and trends in order to supervise SLA.
  • Optimize processes continuously with real-time information that identifies weak points.
  • Setup maintenance projects and cycles, based on existing system communication settings (RFC, SLD).

Quinnox SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN) offerings

Our SOLMAN services encompass a variety of typical SAP enterprise requirements, and can help ensure your business needs are effectively met, while also maximizing your IT investment.

  • SAP Installation and integration: We offer a service package to install, upgrade, and integrate the SAP Solution Manager into your SAP landscape.
  • Solution Monitoring: Gain greater control with a service that oversees your business processes with system monitoring, EarlyWatch reports, service level reports, and business activity monitoring (BAM).
  • Service Desk: Drive better incident and problem management; this service helps with tracking, monitoring, reporting of issues, communication between groups, and setting up processes.
  • Change Management: Manage and monitor the SAP landscape changes with a service that offers full end-to-end change request management for ITIL and regulation compliance.
  • Project Management: Empower your project teams to organize and streamline components, meet deadlines, and effectively implement; we focus on ASAP methodology for SAP implementation, rollouts, upgrades, and support.
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