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QSense is a digital platform that leverages IoT technology for connecting with our customers’ Business, Consumers and Employees.

Are you ready for the growing wave of connected consumers and employees?

The emergency of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is transforming the face of retail and many other businesses. In particular, ibeacon IoT technology, often used at brick and mortar retail locations, is changing the customer experience and journey.

The rise of the smartphone and beacon technology has merged with the savvy and connected consumer. That means that, more than ever, retailers must adopt the latest technologies and innovations that will meet the demands of smart shoppers at their brick and mortar stores. Proximity-based marketing with pushed promotions, location helpers based on ibeacons, store associate handheld devices, mobile checkout apps, and the greater dependence on consumer analytics are all market trends that are only going to grow in prevalence.

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