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Workforce transformation through ‘Employee Engagement’ now made possible with Quinnox’s Humanized Conversational Interface Platform.

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In early 2000, organizations swore by employee satisfaction as a metric

But later around 2010 onwards they switched to a popular concept of measuring ‘Employee Engagement’. Today the focus is moving to a new dimension that is ‘Employee Experience’. Employee experiences are the combination of culture, technology and physical environmental interactions an employee has with his organization. According to Gartner report, employee experience is recognized as one of the eight building blocks of the digital workplace.

Gartner also states that employee experience will bring immense value to the organization resulting in increased engagement, apart from an increase in the impact on the business outcome of critical IT projects. Organizations are leveraging modern technologies like digital workplace which provide a simple, seamless and intuitive interface to streamline employee workflow process. This has led to increased employee experience, efficiency, and productivity.

The Humanized Conversational Interface Solution can easily transform the enterprise Intranet and contribute to a greater employee engagement and delightful employee experiences. With personalised and intuitive conversational interfaces, it can help employees automate routine tasks and help them find and publish data across enterprise systems through just a single interface driven by conversations (text or speech). We are building employee self-service (ESS) tools like leave record maintenance, performance reviews, retrieving and viewing payslips etc. to make self-service effortless. By incorporating NLP/ML and integrating AI powered chatbots into our interfaces, we can now allow employees to apply for leave, access personal details, payroll details, update information and even resolve basic IT issues by interacting with virtual agents. We aim to build predictive and people analytics capabilities in our future releases to help our customers get returns from their investments made in workforce transformation.

“By 2019, 40% of enterprises will be actively using chatbots to facilitate business processes using natural-language interactions.”
– Gartner

Illustration: The Quinnox Humanized Conversational Interface Platform
As a business you love your customers, you want to talk to them, learn from them and do whatever it takes to retain them and make them happy. At Quinnox we believe we can make them happy by helping them get their tasks done – effortlessly, with a seamless digital experience where they don’t need to depend on complex web or mobile interfaces, but simple conversations. Virtual assistants and chatbots have exploded onto the scene a couple of years back and they are getting more intelligent and smarter by the day. We continue to see a growing number of applications with invisible interfaces; applications with no commands to memorise or user interfaces to learn. Users can simply type or speak as they would to their friends or family and get things done.

Technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) have taken the game to an altogether new level when it comes to delivering great conversational experiences that tie together context, relevance and insights. At Quinnox our Humanized Conversational Platform answers questions, solves problems and helps customers perform their tasks easily in an automated, effortless and personalised manner; all this by seamlessly integrating with multiple enterprise systems from a single interface. Leveraging the power of NLP, Machine Learning and AI, we have been helping our customers improve engagement both for their employees as well as their customers by automating customer interactions using speech and text conversations. Our Humanized Conversational Interface Solution helps add new and meaningful B2C, B2B and B2E use cases to the customer journey. This helps customers achieve their goals faster, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, improved conversion rates and lower cost to service, and yes it can also connect you to a live agent when needed.