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Managing complex customer interactions across touchpoints to deliver delightful experiences still remains a challenge for mid-market players.

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Managing complex customer interactions across touchpoints to deliver delightful experiences still remains a challenge for mid-market players.

Delivering memorable customer experiences remains an imperative for businesses to stay relevant in the digital transformation era. How do we facilitate these interactions across channels and identify gaps and stressors in these interactions will determine the efficacy of our customer journeys. Bad or disjointed customer journeys are sure to pack off your customers to the next available competitor.

At Quinnox the digital customer experience team helps our client partners address three main areas that impact customer interactions namely;


Creating consistent omni-channel experiences

Integrating channels

Integrating channels, systems and processes across the value network

analytics and insights

Leveraging analytics and insights to build a unified view of the customer

Our customer experience capabilities have evolved from years of working in the mid-market space with customers playing in the Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing verticals. We closely partner with our customers across business verticals to help them address the key KPI’s in their mid-market digital transformation initiatives. With regular validations with leading industry analysts like Gartner and IDC and armed with a customer centric approach we improve the ways the organization sees their customers thereby creating a new value throughout the customer lifecycle.

Banking and Financial

User Research and Customer Journey Mapping

The rapid adoption of new channels and touchpoints brings along with it the challenge of creating consistent and immersive experiences across channels. Organisations seeking to deliver great user experiences need to begin by understanding the user. Using in-depth interviews, focus groups, research, task and workflow analysis and techniques like ethnography and surveys, we seek to discover user needs, motivations, constraints and emotions associated with different user personas. These insights into user behaviour guides our UX wireframes and early prototypes which are refined iteratively keeping users at the centre of the design process.

Crafting relevant customer journey maps are imperative to customer experience initiatives. A well-crafted journey map helps identify gaps, points in the customer experience that are disjointed or painful. These can be gaps between devices, departments and channels that the user uses. Customer experiences can be complex but mapping these experiences is crucial to identifying stressors in the journeys customers take to complete their tasks and thus helps creating delightful experiences for end users who interact with brands through different channels and devices. While everyone uses their own journey mapping techniques, we at Quinnox have derived our own journey map framework inspired by the Nielsen Normal Group’s© standard journey mapping framework.