Transforming customer experience with a disruptive interaction platform

Integrating Alexa with enterprise APIs improves agent productivity, saving thousands of dollars and transforming the customer journey for a top global environmental services company.


About the Client:
Client: A leading provider of integrated environmental solutions in North America. Industry: Environmental Solutions & Services Services & operations: The company's network includes 346 transfer stations, 293 active landfill disposal sites,146 recycling plants,111 beneficial-use landfill gas projects and six independent power production plants servicing customers across US, Canada and PuertoRico. Employees: 40,000+ Revenue: US $ 15 Bn


Business Landscape:
With the ever-evolving customer behavior in the waste industry there is an increasing need for integration solutions to help waste operators digitize their processes. The client, one of the largest environmental solutions provider in North America serving more than 21 million customers, was committed to keep households, small business, and neighborhoods moving forward with their reliable and responsible waste management solutions. Sustainability was high on their agenda, and they have helped generate more than 650 megawatts of power from recycled waste


The Challenge:

With the increase in footprint, the call volume that the client’s service desk handled went up substantially. Residential, commercial, municipal and industrial customers across US, Canada and Puerto Rico frequently called in with queries around account activity, invoicing corrections and holiday schedules. Handling customer calls involved referring to 12 different applications and needed to have an in-depth knowledge of the legacy green screen applications. With the older employee base retiring and newer staff joining there was a challenge in retaining this knowledge. The time is taken to find specific information across 12 applications and the challenges in the application knowledge led to an increased call wait time, which led to a less than optimal customer experience.



The client who was on a growth trajectory was looking for an experienced partner who can help support their sustainability initiatives by optimizing their service desk operations, They wanted a more meaningful engagement with their huge customer base and wanted to provide easy access to their service offerings. Voice interactive services ware gaining traction and the client also wanted to embrace this new wave of digitalization providing cutting- edge services to their end customers.

Quinnox, with their established IT services practice and decades of experience in helping fortune 500 clients address similar challenges, emerged as the natural choice. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise on voice design and chat bot implementation, the Quinnox team came up with a solution to harness their enterprise APIs to provide answers to commonly asked queries and FAQ. Moreover, our solution that included the API based wrapper, which provided a more responsive UI, and the conversational interface enabled through Alexa, the information that the service desk required from the 12 applications was made easily available, thus improving the response turn-around time. Alexa was the chosen platform given its huge market penetration in the US (75%) with 35 million active users.


Key Highlights:

  • Solution developed on Alexa and integrated with APIs.
  • Solution included an API based wrapper, and created the app with a more responsive UI
  • Implemented AWS Lambda and AWS CloudFormation templates for providing a serverless architecture to scale up / scale down based on the call mode
  • Chatbots were capable of handling FAQs, answering account related service requests and scheduling pick-ups.
  • Queries that the bot was unable to handle were recorded for live agents to resolve and for training the bot
  • Conversational interface was enabled which gave customers easy access to the service desk
  • The chat bot can be linked to any other chat platforms, Eg. Google’s Dialogflow, IBM’s Watson etc.


Business Impact:

The voice based platform was designed, developed and implemented within a span of 3 months. Quinnox provided a stable platform that could handle a large volume of inquiries while service desk agents attended to the complex queries. The reduction in call volume also had a positive impact in bringing down the cost of service desk operations, thus enhancing the end client experience. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Reduced operational complexity with Alexa, an easy to use, reliable and popular platform
  • Simplifying provisioning and management on AWS ensured an up-time of 99.99%.
  • Thousands of dollars of cost savings, ushered by the service desk integration
  • Optimized infrastructure cost
  • Enhanced end user experience with effortless voice command based services
  • Increased service desk agility with bots handling up-to 20,000 customer inquiries per day.
  • Improved resource allocation and higher productivity allowing agents to take up other critical tasks, with bots handling majority of the call volume.
  • Integrated Payments via secure encryption method was a competitive differentiator, helping the client to stay ahead of the market.

The platform thus helped the global company retain its edge in the highly competitive industry by providing cutting- edge services to its customers in a fraction of time. Quinnox has partnered with the client to enhance the solution further and transform it into a platform agnostic assistant, aligning with the client’s digital transformation roadmap and strategy.


Increased service desk agility with bots handling up-to 20,000 customer inquiries per day.
Simplifying provisioning and management on AWS ensured an up-time of 99.99%.