SAP UI5 - Asia’s largest direct marketer improves productivity by 40%

Asia’s Largest Direct Marketer Improves Productivity by 40% With SAP Ui5 Interactive Center Solution

The unit handles 10000 calls per day. The undisputed leader in Water Purifications system and Vacuum cleaners operates a 300 Seater call center managed by people with special needs in collaboration with NASEOH (National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped).

Key Functions include:
  • Customer complaints management
  • Address customer concerns & technical questions
  • Assigning of complaint to appropriate business partners
  • Assist with returns and exchanges.


Escalating Everyday Issues
  • Delay in issue/ticket resolution due to large volumes (300+) of registered complaints per day.
  • Lack of call center automation and visibility of relevant customer data.
  • Increased call waiting time due to long call durations.
  • No automated access to customer account
  • Cumbersome navigation through multiple screens for 20+ fields
  • Inability to leverage cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Incorrect tagging of complaints, couldn’t be assigned to Business Partners
  • System did not provide 360° customer view
A Unique Proposition Leveraging SAP UI5

Quinnox built an efficient interactive center solution using SAPUI5, which seamlessly integrates with SAP CRM system

Key Features:
  • 360° view of customer including snapshot of interactions
  • Intelligent Algorithms to identify calling customers
  • Ability to Cross-sell and Upsell by swiftly switching between service, sales and marketing views
  • Call center automation using IVR system for immediate complaint registration
  • Auto-population of Data reduced processing time
  • Single Screen Capture of all relevant information
  • Automated Complaint Tagging with Business Partners
Happy Customers Increased CSAT !
  • Provided a consistent experience to the customers and improved the overall CSAT score and revenue
  • Increased call center productivity by 40%
  • Improved Call Center Metrics by providing relevant information to the call center agents in a single screen
  • Enhanced user adoption rates due to 360-Degree View of the Customer
  • Correct tagging of complaints ensured Quicker Resolutions.
15 m
Million Customer Base
Field Force
Business Partner
Service Engineer
homes on a daily basis