Quinnox’s performance testing helps reduce the merchandise delivery turnaround time

One of the key challenges that our customer faced was high latency in data intensive design file transfers from the P pplication hosting site to suppliers across S, iddle ast and South ast sia Pacific. The turnaround time of the merchandise delivery was impacted, which resulted in a delay in downloading the design files, leading to dissatisfied customers. ur customer wanted Quinnox to determine an optimal bandwidth speed for downloading design files.

Quinnox created test scenarios for various bandwidth vi.PS,PS,PS, Ps,  PS, and  PS and set up testing instances, which were hosted oad unner licenses on Cloud platform for Singapore, apan, nited Sates, and rail . We conducted Performance Testing to capture the response time of the application to download a file at a certain bandwidth. ndurance testing of    hours was performed to identify the processing load and application performance under continuous stress for multiple time ones, and an optimal bandwidth was identified.

The Bottom Line Benefits
  • Reduced merchandise delivery turnaround time due to the faster time to download files
  • Approximate savings of, on tool, infrastructure and licenses due to the use of Cloud platform
  • Identified predictable durations for file download based on subscribed bandwidth speed
  • Knowledge repository for faster resolution of issues faced while downloading the files across multiple hosting sites