Quinnox helps telecommunications giant achieve a Win-Win split

This global leader in telecommunications relied on Quinnox to help them successfully restructure the company into two separate businesses.
Challenge: Executing a smooth, cost-effective separation vital to restructuring effort

This leading name in telecommunications focused on bringing the world together through advanced communications determined that their business would benefit from a restructuring. This would result in a split of the company, with one focused on mobile devices and home business, and the other on enterprise mobility and business networks.

The technological challenges of such a move were complex and extremely challenging. Simply meeting the stringent deadlines while working with various vendors and countering the external dependencies was a major undertaking.

And, while the short-term goal of the engagement was to enable each business to stand on its own, the larger objective was to integrate and elevate each individual company to be more cost-efficient, leaner and optimized. Another priority was to ensure the entities could be well-prepared for future business applications and enterprise architecture strategy.

Solutions: Integration solutions take a methodical three-pronged approach

With such a complex and large effort, it was vital to simplify the stages, as well as plan for execution systematically using a multi-pronged approach.  So, after carefully reviewing the challenges and requirements, it was determined the best approach would be to execute in three distinct tracks - hosting, integration and security.

Using this approach, a Quinnox team provided integration and other shared e-business services aligned with cost and operational strategies mandated by the company’s restructuring team.  Tight alignment with future business applications and enterprise architecture strategy for both companies was crucial. Migration and replicate of existing applications was successfully done for each entity, providing the needed support for testing and building upon existing SOA strategy and common data models.

A significant focus of the engagement was infrastructural consolidation and virtualization, with the end goal of minimizing cost impact for both companies. Other components of the integration solutions included:

  • Ensuring e-Business “platform readiness” for all users
  • Domain replication scripts, which automated replication testing
  • Distinct streamlined interfaces deployed with generic error handler
  • A new PKI infrastructure created to generate new client certificates for the new companies Consolidated instances to optimize the license and infrastructure costs.
  • Upgraded applications to the current version to get support compliance.

Separation of the LDAP directories and users across the entities.

Results: Restructuring split them up. Integration made each one whole.

The overarching reason this telecommunication company split the business into two separate entities was so that each could laser focus on their respective core competencies, greatly empowering each to do what they do best, and serve their customers better in the process.

However, without well planned and executed integration solutions, each company would not be whole, but merely a fragment of their potential.

Quinnox was able to provide the integration solutions each new entity needed to achieve wholeness, as well  as many other advantages:

  • Reduced overall costs
  • Decreased operating expenses
  • Significant time savings from automation replication
  • More efficient business processes
  • Greater staff expertise with training on  new technologies
  • Business alignment with future BA and EA strategies
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