Quinnox helps distributor with new major beverage partnership

One of the biggest privately-owned companies in the U.S. benefits from a team of SAP specialists with deep expertise in the beverage business Re-franchising model.
Challenge : A new partnership demands specialized expertise in re-franchising business model

One of the largest beverage distributors in the U.S. scored a big “win” when a partnership was struck with one of the world’s largest beverage company in early 2014.  Picked for their ability to drive strong brands in mature markets, this distributor was seen as a valuable new partner that would help drive their beverage business forward, especially in the Midwest.

As part of the new partnership agreement, there was an understanding that the distributor would have to interface with a more integrated SAP-based technology platform, helping to foster better collaboration and drive greater efficiencies for all parties. Supporting an evolving operating model was another aspect of the partnership.

Quinnox had an already well-established relationship with the world’s largest beverage company since 2007, supporting a pre- and post-divestiture project, and emerging as their subject matter expert and “go to” resource for their SAP technology landscape efforts. The ongoing engagement also included a re-franchising business model to help support all business processes for distribution and sales in North America, as well as enabling other support operations like HR, finance and other mission-critical functions. Their business deal for refranchising was structured in such a way that this beverage company required refranchises to use this model. Quinnox was the lead expert partner in supporting this system.

With so much at stake, the family-run distributor company approached Quinnox for a better understanding of how best to support their new partner, and ensure their technologies, systems and process integrated seamlessly with the beverage company’s ecosystem.

Solution: Comprehensive discovery work leads to an integrated partner solution

Understanding that Quinnox had the “inside track” with the beverage company as the subject matter expert with their re-franchising business model, the distributor contracted a team to help. With an initial emphasis on thorough discovery in order to understand how the existing beverage company’s system could be best integrated and used for the new distributor, an expert Quinnox team with deep SAP expertise and the beverage company’s re-franchising business model began the process. This foundational work focused on key business and enabling functions, and lasted approximately five months through the end of 2014.

The discovery included an analysis of the technology landscapes of both companies. Systems and modules required for refranchising were identified, as well as distributor systems that could be embedded into the beverage company’s landscape, such as fleet management. By early 2015, Quinnox helped the distributor define the entire technology landscape required for refranchising. Within four months, the project went live. In addition, the Quinnox team was expanded to add expertise in warehouse inventory management and customer relationship management.

Overall, the Quinnox solution included

• Evaluation and discovery of specific resources, such as infrastructure systems, needed by the distributor for a successful partnership

• Optimization and integration of the new IT business needs into the existing environment

• Solution and process consulting in the supply chain, warehouse and distribution space Program management

• Functional support in SAP ECC, warehouse and inventory management, SAP CRM, and Accenture CAS

Result: Helping to manifest partnership results with the world’s largest beverage company

The Quinnox team had unmatched experience and deep insight into the original and primary intent of the beverage company’s re-franchising business model, which helped the distributor bring their new agreement to a successful start. The original intent focused on three primary objectives:

Provide a common face to the customer, enabled through common processes and systems

Drive leverage of IT spend through common systems

Provide common back office and reporting