Quinnox develops a web enabled B2C site for a global leader in multi-level marketing supporting businesses, helping them meet long and short term business requirements

Our customer needed a vendor to develop a web enabled B2C site with restricted user access for various retail modules like Shopping, Stores, Order, Order History, etc. The requirements of the B2C site also included need for real time integration with the existing business processes and the backend systems AS400 to complement and bolster existing client channels.

Quinnox developed an innovative end to end e-Commerce solution for B2B requirements with A2E (e-Business Application to Enterprise System) interfaces, the central concept being the B2C metaphor of online store for MLM business. The features of the e-Commerce site include the following:

  • Online registration & renewal
  • Online shopping & electronic ordering, 2000+ products
  • Catalogue management, ordering, order tracing, order fulfilment, romotions, iscounts, ricing

Quinnox enabled the client’s MLM business to provide an effective mix of online and offline user-interaction for critical transactions of high- business significance A ticet based support sstem as provided for corrective and adaptive maintenance, while the operational activities were performed by Quinnox technical team for preventive maintenance. The e-Commerce suite was monitored using automated tools and manual processes to ensure high availability and enhanced user experience.

The Bottom Line Benefits
  • High availability of the e-Commerce suite (95% availability)
  • Faster time to market due to enhanced functionalities across countries
  • Improved communication and collaboration between IBO/members, employees, and prospective buyers
  • Quinnox’s ability to support multiple technologies with a compact team, reduced costs for the client