A leading U.S. healthcare technology provider teams with Quinnox to design and build a Persuasion Engine to promote wellness and save lives.

Our customer wanted to create a wellness portal that influences positive behavioral changes aimed at reduction in medical costs.

After a thorough assessment of the project challenges, current resources, and goals, the Quinnox team developed a persuasion engine using a hybrid agile methodology with a test driven approach, designed with a robust architecture and delivered on Cloud. This engine is powered with big data analytics and is a responsive web solution. The portal can be interfaced with multiple channels such as Mobile, Browsers  and Tablets.

The Bottom Line Benefits
  • Offers scalability
  • Faster time to market due to Hybrid Agile Methodology with Test Driven Development
  • No CAPEX due to Cloud based model
  • Cheaper integration costs due to  the use of Data Ingestion Framework
  • The program goals were achieved at 20 percent less cost than estimated, with a 40 percent increase in transactions