A Globally recognized Cloud Based Vendor Management Solution

An award-winning VMS Suite with 300+ global customers across 80+ countries providing 15 language support addressing 7M+ user base with complex 8500 interface points

In its early stage of inception, the client required a SaaS-based platform for highly configurable Vendor Management System (VMS). They were looking out for a partner who can develop and maintain multiple product releases, keeping pace with the ever-changing requirements of the SaaS product. For Quick onboarding of end customers, faster time to market the functionalities of the new product was the need of the hour.

Problems Galore!
  • Migration of data across releases
  • Knowledge Retention of ever growing functionality of the product
  • Fine tuning product to meet individual end customer needs, in a Multi Client Scenario
  • Supporting End to End Functionalities
    • Procuring and managing contingent labor
    • Independent contractors and specialized talent pool s
    • Statement of work project
A 10+ Year Engagement full of High point
  • 100+ strong Quinnox Team
  • 11+ Years of Product Development
  • 12+ Languages Supported
  • 80% Product Functionality Developed
  • 3week Domain knowledge induction for Client
  • Hybrid Agile Methodology
  • New Functionality and Features Quick turn-around time
  • 1520% Cost Savings
  • Bootstrapping Process
  • 4 Million User s, 200+ Customers Onsite–Offshore Delivery Model
  • 1500+ Web Pages,
  • 2500+ Business Services
  • 1500 + Database Tables
  • 8500 + Integration Points
  • 3, 070 Test Scenarios defined in requirement document
  • Technology: Open Source, SaaS Model, Cloud
  • 9000+ Man Hour s efforts on development of new functionalities during releases
  • 22423 Requirments and 99 Separate Documents
  • 201 Automation Scripts executed over 56 hour
A very Successful completion with 300+ Deploys

Quick Turnaround Time for new functionalities and enhancements using frequently used scenarios for automation script

Reduced the overall Operational Costs by implementing a complete Offshore Delivery Model and by automating Regression Testing

Implemented a 3week induction program providing domain knowledge for Faster Onboarding of new resources

Reduced Processing Time for onboarding new customers using integration tool

Completed 300+ Successful Deploys in Production since 2001 without a single deployment being rolled back