Be Agile or Fade away

Quinnox Insights

Remember Kodak, Nokia, Xerox, MySpace, and Blockbuster? What do these companies have in common? They all failed to change and adapt to rapidly evolving market conditions and requirements and simply faded away into oblivion. Some may still be around, but are barely alive. If we could hop aboard a time machine and infuse these companies with the latest technology available in their day, could that have changed their course away from doom? Probably not. For these companies, the primary issue wasn’t their lack of technology, it was an absence of agility. Business agility is the primary driver of digital transformation. Of course, there are many IT partners that purport to have the capabilities to help you steer a course towards transformation. However, it’s far more important to partner with one that can not only do that, but help you to turn on a dime too.

Why business agility rules…

In the IT industry, agile is a methodology that is most closely associated with software development. So, when we speak of business agility, it goes far beyond IT and technology, and permeates every aspect of an organization.

Today’s fast-moving and hyper-competitive global marketplace, along with the digital technology that has acted as a catalyst for many industries, means that businesses must be agile on many different levels and across all dimensions. That means it isn’t just the IT development team that has to be agile – other critical functions like Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, and more must have the ability to respond to an ever-changing business environment faster than ever before.

Forward-looking enterprises that want to truly compete need agile leaders, design thinkers, story-boarders, architects, domain gurus, and creatives that can truly be nimble and quick on their feet. In addition, tools, platforms, frameworks and innovation centers need to be developed that can turn ideas into demonstrable assets, quickly and easily.

Above all, organizational agility starts by abandoning old ways of thinking, and truly accepting something that we’ve all known for a long time – business has no patience. So, the idea of turning on a dime… that must be a capability today’s leaders must learn to develop, both within themselves, and their organization overall.

How to start on the business agility journey

It simply comes down to this… If you are not agile in business, you will never be agile in technology. Driving business agility must therefore be the number one priority for both business and technology leaders.

But executing on becoming an agile enterprise is much easier said than done. It’s an even tougher fight if you are fighting alone. To become an innovative organization that is adept at identifying and grabbing opportunities (as well as avoiding dangerous cliffs that could plummet the business into a downward spiral), it’s vital to align the company with an IT team that can help you implement a drive toward achieving business agility.

With the right IT agility partner, you can avoid the slow death of enterprises saddled by old ways of thinking, and transform your business into an agile beast that eats the competition for lunch.

At Quinnox, we consider ourselves more than just a digital transformation partner, but an IT agility partner that can help you achieve business agility, and reap the benefits. These typically include revenue growth, significant cost reductions, efficient risk management, and more corporate performance benchmarks.

Let us help you transform the power of technology into achievable business strategies and solutions, such as innovative, emerging technologies, including cloud computing, digital, advanced analytics, and more. Let us help you become agile… and avoid the list of ill-fated companies that have become footnotes in history.