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A global real estate powerhouse uses the Quinnox Testing Automation Framework (QTAF) and offshore resources for efficient, automated, and cost-effective regression testing that results in $440K annual savings

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The client is a global leader in professional real estate management services and investments. This U.S.-based company is a major real estate service provider in a broad range of industries and sectors.

  • 80%reduction in lead time to execute regression scripts.
  • 17000 hrs hours of manual efforts saved annually.
  • $440k Annual cost savings of $440K.


This client needed to leverage a more cost-effective onsite-offshore model in performing regression testing. An initial priority was to set up a reliable mechanism for performing thorough regression testing of the daily builds deployed during their non-working hours.

Two critical areas were the target of daily regression testing:

  • First was the execution of all critical business workflows.
  • The workflows had different permutations and combinations that needed to be considered.
  • The second target was a detailed comparison of attributes returned by a RESTful API with the data displayed on the portal.


We deployed QTAF, our scriptless automation framework, to automate the critical business flow for a testing program duration of one year. Using QTAF and some custom development, the testing team was able to complete most of the regression in the required timeframe.

The solution included:

  • RESTful API and UI data comparisons using a custom-developed library plugged into QTAF.
  • Automated regression scripts scheduled to run after the company’s working hours.
  • An efficient combination of parallel and automated unattended execution.


Quinnox helped this worldwide leader to enable testing with daily builds, reducing the risk of defect leakage in the process. Cost-efficient offshore resources and QTAF testing automation also freed up the company’s onshore QA team to focus on new digital initiatives, ensuring company talent and resources were allocated to higher-value priorities. As importantly, the regression testing solution helped the company to improve the overall experience and confidence with customers.

The results of this Quinnox regression testing solution using QTAF included:

  • 80 percent reduction in lead time to execute regression scripts.
  • 17,000 hours of manual efforts saved annually.
  • Annual cost savings of $440K.
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