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Innovative Solutions for Manufacturing
& Services Industries

Today's innovative process technologies have the potential to completely transform the way business is done in the manufacturing and services sector. Opportunities to dramatically streamline processes, significantly cut costs, and considerably boost productivity are here. But only companies that deploy and maximize the right technologies will seize upon these opportunities and gain a true competitive advantage.

Quinnox offers a wide range of business-building solutions for companies in the manufacturing and services sector to help you:

  • Reduce costs on a risk-share and gain-share basis
  • Improve quality output with optimized processes
  • Create more value from your supply chain with greater operational efficiency
  • Increase market share with an expanded consumer reach and greater service focus

What You'll Gain

We'll help you bring together disparate systems and processes for a more unified approach that can yield substantial revenue-building and cost-cutting benefits.
An Edge
Our industry-specific teams can help you leverage specialization to differentiate, create value, and enable growth.
Business Continuation
We'll help you realign business systems, optimize processes, and improve output quality without business interruption.
Our IT services are customized to your needs and tailored to your type of output, inventory, labor, supply chain and customers.

What we offer

  • webMethods Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    webMethods Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    The complete package to move your business forward.

    The Quinnox PaaS model is an application layer embedded within an operational environment, offered as a service. This comprehensive solution includes a complete middleware integration suite along with customized interfaces, product maintenance, infrastructure maintenance, fixes, patches and timely upgrades. We'll keep your system online and available for business 24/7, allowing for supply chain integration with vendors too. This solution holistically and completely addresses enterprise integration, enterprise resource planning, application maintenance, product engineering, testing and mobility.

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    Strengthen the backbone of your enterprise.

    We offer a variety of solutions to help you cost-effectively integrate so your business can grow and adapt as your needs change and evolve. Since 2002 our integration practice has helped companies around the world deploy a framework, best practices and a methodology-driven full suite of EAI services. This offering spans across business verticals that include support, upgrades, implementation, product development and consulting.

  • MOND™


    Improve your supply chain.

    Accurate supply chain data capture at every step is vital. Whether it is facilitating product development, nurturing relationships, implementing effective technology, or maintaining efficient order, data is everything. MOND™ is a cloud platform that supports mission critical exchanges of thousands of documents every day. It is an enterprise data integration platform enabling the exchange of structured and semi-structured data from a variety of application owners. MOND™ also supports end-to-end traceability and process management, which helps you stay compliant with regulations.

  • Quinnox B2B Reusable Framework

    Quinnox B2B Reusable Framework

    Cost-effectively consolidate B2B.

    Business growth, mergers and acquisitions result in disparate ways to manage and collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers. This leads to a fragmented B2B landscape, mismatched version control and redundancy in operations. Our B2B generic framework offers a set of proven components and tools that help organizations consolidate the B2B landscape effectively and cost-efficiently.

  • Marcon: Partner/Supplier Management Cloud

    Marcon: Partner/Supplier Management Cloud

    Benefit from a best-in-class supplier portal solution.

    Integrate small and large partners while addressing their needs cost-effectively. The overall framework includes business activity monitoring (BAM), business process management and customizable dashboards to enable end-to-end workflow, along with process and transaction visibility. Quinnox can also deploy mobile applications for business and technical managers to extend the supply chain and provide timely, relevant and actionable alerts.

  • Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Services

    Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) Services

    Maximize benefits and minimize risks.

    Our solutions can help you integrate systems and processes sooner to achieve higher rates of success and returns from your M&A evolution. We'll mitigate the risks associated with system controls to help maintain regulatory compliance throughout the integration process. Establish a single view of the business across merged systems, help support your transition, and work with your new team to achieve performance and profitability from your new entity.

  • Testing Services

    Testing Services

    Gain peace of mind and quality with proven testing.

    Quinnox testing services cut across major industry verticals and domains, ensuring you maintain your competitive advantages through innovative solutions that reduce cycle time. Our Q-FRAME test automation assets can also help you achieve higher return on investments and ensure quality through reduction of defects.


Quinnox's customized attention and focus was critical for a complex transformation.

- CIO, Largest bottling and beverage company in the world