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Enterprise Application Integration

Your Integration Solution

Ensuring systems and software works together isn't just about efficiency. It's about business-critical integration that impacts virtually all aspects of your organization, as well as the bottom line. When your technology assets don't work well together, you're not only hindering your team's ability to get things done, you're dampening opportunities to grow your business.

Partner with us for end-to-end, affordable enterprise application integration software solutions that can help your organization:

  • Reduce costs with optimized processes, platform integration and more
  • Improve efficiencies with proven frameworks, technologies and delivery methods
  • Overcome M&A challenges or other organizational shifts to get the most
    out of change
  • Compete better with faster time-to-market and increased agility

What You'll Gain

Deep Expertise
Benefit from our unmatched track record in integrating systems for Fortune 100 clients around the globe.
Your integration challenges are totally unique. We'll provide a highly customized solution for your distinct needs.
Proven Performance
Our reliable strategies, frameworks and methodology address all aspects of project lifecycle and integration roadblocks.
Enjoy the peace of mind you'll get with our global support and delivery model, which ensures 24-hour coverage.

What we offer

  • EAI - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    EAI - Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    For the strong backbone your enterprise needs.

    EAI is a critical IT solution that provides a reusable and scalable backbone to an enterprise system. Gain an integration framework that's adaptive to your business changes. This solution leverages best practices with a methodology-driven suite applied across business verticals. This includes support, upgrades, implementation, product development and consulting.

  • Business-to-business (B2B) integration

    Business-to-business (B2B) integration

    Adapt to your constantly changing business environment.

    Reduce cost, improve efficiency, and adapt to changing markets and increasing competition with our proven B2B solutions. Leverage our technical expertise and business domain knowledge in BPM, BAM, SOA, EDI solutions within MOND, webMethods, Oracle Fusion, Sterling Commerce, Gentran, Microsoft, IBM and TIBCO suite of products. Adhere to industry standards such as X12, EDIFACT, TRADCOMS, RosettaNet, cXML/ebXML/XML, HL7, EIDX, GFF, SWIFT.

  • PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

    PaaS - Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

    Gain a faster time to market and increased agility.

    Our Paas solution offers an application layer embedded within an operational environment. This gives developers and businesses the ability to create flexible applications or integrations that conform to published standards without typical operational challenges. It simplifies deployment and management, reducing costs by improving productivity.

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

    Helping you make the most out of what's next for your organization.

    With M&A on the rise, the role of IT in integration is more critical than ever. Our proven techniques deliver successful IT integration in merger, acquisition and divestiture scenarios, while meeting aggressive schedules at reduced costs. Our comprehensive services also maximize benefits and minimize risks usually associated with M&A.


Quinnox was an integral player in the success of our cost reduction efforts, acquisitions and demergers.

- CIO, Leading US data communications and telecom equipment provider