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Proven Solutions for Capital Markets

Financial markets and the regulatory landscape are constantly evolving. Firms in the capital markets must meet strict compliance rules to avoid fines and loss of credibility. Processes, workflows and technology must meet KYC on-boarding, anti-laundering and regulatory reporting requirements. In addition, there are other complex and mission-critical challenges—consolidating disparate data, monitoring and managing critical front office transactions, reducing back office costs.

All this makes IT solutions tailored to the unique need of capital markets operations a real necessity for today’s growing financial organizations. Quinnox offers proven solutions that help:

  • Comply with regulations required by Dodd-Frank, EMIR and other legislation
  • Manage risk with proven workflows, innovative solutions and delivery models
  • Consolidate disparate data, including static, reference and counterparty data
  • Monitor trades and transactions, including identifying those that vary from parameters
  • Improve back office cost-effectiveness while boosting productivity


What You'll Gain

Capital Markets Capabilities
We’re a full-service shop with over a decade of experience building, supporting and optimizing customer application infrastructure in capital markets with deep expertise in derivatives.
Expert Focus
Our expertise in capital markets products, domain and best practices ensure you get innovative IT solutions focused on achieving productivity, profits or other business goals.
Proven Track Record
We’ve executed multi-year engagements with industry leaders, including the largest holding company in the U.S. and the second largest banking and financial services group in the U.K.
Strong Commitment
Our dedicated approach to every engagement is a shared execution risk strategy: SOW terms, risk and reward SLA structure, all focused on delivering services based on outcome.

What we offer

  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

    Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

    Gain the benefits of a structured EDM solution for capital markets.

    Today’s capital markets demand an accurate enterprise data management (EDM) program in order to meet compliance, cost efficiency, and client relationship needs, as well as for sound and informed decision making. Quinnox can help meet your critical EDM needs with strong competencies in data reconciliation, maturity assessment, migration, inter-systems reconciliation, and master and reference data management. For example, our proprietary EDM processes, templates and component have reduced data migration efforts by 40%, with significant time and performance metrics. From consulting and architecture, to business intelligence and analytics, to application and support, and everything in between, we can provide a one-stop shop EDM capital markets solution.

  • Calypso and Trading Technologies

    Calypso and Trading Technologies

    The rapid deployment, zero-impact migration and other trading platform services you need.

    For capital markets institutions looking to leverage all the advantage of Calypso, Wall Street systems and other trading software solutions, or those seeking to create new platform offerings or maximize their existing investments, Quinnox has the innovative solutions you need. Our capital markets teams have core competencies in implementation, upgrades, data migration, customization, application support, collateral management and clearing. We can help you meet your report compliance requirements, quickly update or migrate with zero defect, perform comprehensive testing and fine tuning, provide application maintenance and support (AMS), and more. For those looking to implement Calypso, our approach is focused on outcomes. For example, we’ve helped significantly improve straight through processing (STP) capabilities for our customers, resulting in time savings of over 30%.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) and Compliance

    Know Your Customer (KYC) and Compliance

    Get the compliance you need, within your budget and time frame.

    Meeting KYC requirements and other compliance needs are essential to all financial institutions in order to avoid inadvertently facilitating money laundering or incurring civil or criminal penalties. From client on-boarding to pre- and post-trade surveillance, to AML, FATCA and regulatory reporting related to Dodd-Frank, EMIR and BASEL III, Quinnox can provide the solutions and services you need. Our reusable and proven processes, leveraging of both onsite and offshore resources, comprehensive testing, reliable reporting, audit frameworks, efficient planning, and meticulous data preparation ensure your KYC and compliance needs are met in the most cost-effective and efficient way. Bottom line, our innovative solutions are designed to deploy rapidly, avoid cost escalations, and meet all your KYC and compliance needs.

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Rely on our enterprise-wide approach to effective risk management.

    Institutions operating in capital markets must manage and mitigate several kinds of risks in order to avoid the significant costs associated with security breaches, unauthorized transactions and regulatory penalties. Plus effective governance that includes market and trade practice surveillance processes and systems are a must. Quinnox offers systematic risk management solutions that encompass all relevant risks: market, credit and liquidity. We also offer technology solutions for comprehensive intra-day and real time risk monitoring. With our deep financial industry understanding, our risk management experts can help your organization perform risk-based testing, impact analysis and more in order to simplify governance and provide an end-to-end solution for managing risk, enterprise-wide.

  • Back Office Operations

    Back Office Operations

    Put your back office on the frontline of efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

    In today’s competitive environment, it’s simply not enough for back office operations to get things done, but to operate in a more cost-effective and optimized way. For capital markets institutions, Quinnox offers back office IT solutions that save money, expedite processes and streamline business functions. These encompass core activities such as payments, confirmation matching, collateral management, settlements processing and more. Our innovative technology and expertise can help you address a variety of needs, including integration of platform and systems for third-party outsourcing, Calypso implementation, upgrades or customization, or processes needed for deployment of a new offering. For example, we helped one customer rollout a new derivatives platform in a fraction of the time and at 25% of the cost of a greenfield project.


We could not have accomplished the quality and complexity of delivering some of the technology products, particularly Dodd-Frank and the securities around our trading platform without Quinnox.

- CIO, A leading global investment banking, securities trading, and brokerage firm